The island of Lefkada belongs to the “Eptanisa” -Ionian Islands-, an island complex that lie in the Ionian Sea.

A traditional beautiful island, where visitors meet the unspoiled nature, splendid beaches and picturesque villages.

The island of Lefkada or Lefkas took it’s name from the cape Lefkata, which lies in the most southern part of the island. Huge white rocks form an intense landscape, causing awe to the visitors.

An island with great history and many the conquerors in the passage of time.

Exploring the island , you can see small villages, some of them on the mountains and other next to the sea , each with its unique beauty. The cosmopolitan Nidri with beautiful Pringiponisia , the ports of Sivota and Vassiliki , Agios Nikitas , Karya with embroidery and Englouvi with the famous lentils !

The island offers to visitors crystal clear turquoise waters, deep blue sky and evergreen forests with rich flora and fauna. The paradisiacal beaches of Porto Katsiki and Engremni, considered among the most beautiful in Greece. Do not forget to visit the small waterfalls outside Nidri, a cool oasis in the heat of summer.

amazing beaches of Greece - Porto Katsiki with cleanest turquoise waters. Lefkada, Ionian islands
Lefkada island lighthouse Greece

The island is also known as one of the safest areas in Europe for sailing and cruising, because of the many small islands that exist around and the safe harbors.

Lefkada is one of the unique islands throughout Greece , which is accessible by road. A floating bridge with a magnificent Venetian Castle in background, provides access to the island through the ancient Corinthian Canal. The capital town offers an interesting architecture with the small street which are called “Kandounia” and the central square, where the visitors can walk and rest.

Picturesque is also the walk around the Lagoon of Lefkada, which is a protected area.

Especially in spring and autumn, gathered In the hydrobiotope migratory birds – like Flamingos, ducks, Swans, pelicans, etc. to eat and rest.
You can reach the island from the airport of Aktio, which lies in the mainland in a distance of 25km from the town of Lefkada. Several international airlines offer flights during the summer season.. Lefkada is also linked by boat with other islands of the Ionian sea like Ithaca and Kefalonia, with frequent routes.
The island is a small paradise unforgettable , authentic , with a long tradition in the arts , poetry , music and offers an exciting experience for visitors , helping them to escape from everyday life.